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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Beard Update

So, I figured it's been several days since I've made a beard update. I'm starting to get kinda grizzly. Well, instead of just putting up one pic, I thought I'd do another beard collage since I got so many comments on the last one (in person). This was taken on day 44 of beard growth. The pictures were all taken outside which is why there is a strange lighting on my face. That, or my complexion is just really really bad.

I notice that I once again need a haircut. Man my hair grows fast. sheesh.

I also made an alternate Andy Warhol/Brady Bunch -esque version as well, which you can see here.

Monday, March 27, 2006


It's been a little while since I had an entry. I'm sure there have been plenty of good things to say, but the weekend was just kind of busy and I never really had a moment to get in front of a computer to say anything.

Zach started feeling bad last night and was running a really low grade fever. Last night, he threw up, which was ... yucky. I was coming in from the den about 11pm to go to bed and as I stopped to hook up the dishwasher, Anita came walking through to take Zach to the couch since he had just woken up and then right about that time, I hear her gag and run toward me with Zach. She thrusts him at me as he is still puking and I grab him and hold him over the sink. I had to clean him up while Anita removed herself to the other room. Poor little guy. Anyway, I got him cleaned up and in a new shirt and then Anita was able to come back and hold him till he went back to sleep.

This morning though, he was really clingy and sometime just after I went in to work, he really started getting fussy and we finally figured out he wanted me. I came in and held him and everything was okay. I ended up having to stay in there for a couple of hours just holding him. He's napping now. Hopefully he will start to feel better throughout the day.

So, as for Conner this morning. He had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Well, as usual, he didn't eat all of it before he decided he wanted to go and play. He had been playing for awhile and during the time that I was already at my desk I had heard him go back into the kitchen and say something about his oatmeal. I didn't really pay any attention to what he was saying. I know he asked me something, I think, but I'm not sure what it was. Later, when I went in there and was holding Zach, I came back through the kitchen and realized the window was open. I asked Anita who was sitting in the other room, "Why is the window open?" Before she could answer me, Conner said, "I'm warming my oatmeal up." He had opened the window about 10 inches, put a cord in the handle of the window like it was the plug for his heater or something, and then put his bowl directly in front of the window right in the center. Our table is flush against the wall and exactly level to the window sill, so it worked out pretty well. The only problem of course is that it's about 50 degrees outside! So, even though it was sunny, and he had an idea that the sun might heat up his oatmeal, he was letting tons of cold air in the house. I told him as much, and he said, "Oh man, now my oatmeal is REALLY cold!"

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Conner is going to play soccer this spring. Also, surprise, I'm going to be one of his coaches. I got a call Sunday night from someone from the NRS (North Rutherford Soccer) league and she said, "Mr. Teague? Yes. I have you down as an assistant coach here. I am calling to let you know the coaches meeting is tomorrow night at 7pm."

"Uhhhhhhhhh..... what?" was my response.

So, when Anita signed Conner up, she and I had talked about doing the coaching thing and figured it would be too hard for us both to try and coach a team since keeping up with Zach would be tough for practices and games. Because of this, I just made the call that Anita should try to be an assistant coach and I'd sit back this year. After all, she's been really excited about doing this and has been waiting somewhat [im]patiently for Conner to get of age. Since she was the one who played collegiate soccer and is by far more knowledgeable on the sport, I thought it best she be the first one to tackle this. Well, somehow they misread the form, and since my name was on the form for insurance information, they took me down as an assistant coach and there you go. Next thing I know they are calling me and saying, "You have a coaches meeting tomorrow night."

I was a little flustered at first and not sure how I thought about it. Mostly, I didn't want Anita to lose out on getting to do this. It wasn't that I didn't want to do it at all. I really kind of did secretly, even though I was/am nervous about it since I haven't the foggiest idea of what to do or where to start. Anita finally just said, "You're already signed up. Why don't you just do it. I think you'll have a blast and I know Conner will love it." So, there we are. That's what happened.

I went to the coaches meeting Monday night and it felt like a Twilight Zone episode or something. There were TONS of parents there. This meeting represented HALF of the league and there are 65 teams in only these four age brackets. There I was sitting there at the meeting looking around at all these "old pros" to the parent-coaching-soccer-land....thing and I wasn't sure what to make of it. All I could think was, "This looks like some weird scene in a movie." I eventually met the coach of the team (Jose Martinez) and we sat down and went over the paperwork they gave us and picked a practice time, etc. He is hispanic, but speaks english well. He did ask if I could call the parents since he figured they'd understand me better since he has a thick accent. He was a nice guy and I can tell he probably knows a thing or two about soccer. He said he has been playing soccer for about 13 years and I said, "That's great because I probably haven't played soccer in 13 years, so at least one of us will know something."

We were assigned Team France much to my behest. I was thinking, "Couldn't we get a cool country? We'll probably have to surrender every other game or something." I asked the lady handing out the uniforms, "So, what's our uniform? Just a white t-shirt or something?" - I don't think she got it. Oh well.

Last night I sat down and called all of the parents (4 people). There are only 6 boys on a team, and 2 of them are my child and the coach's child. I talked to a parent at 3 of the 4 households and after doing that, I have to say that I'm really pumped up. I was much more relaxed after talking to the parents and the last parent I talked to has 4 boys and he said he also coaches in the NRS league and also at the Lancaster Christian Academy (private school here in Smyrna). He talked to me for awhile and really encouraged me about the whole aspect of being a coach. Though I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that my son is old enough to starting his very first team sport and that I'm at the stage of my life were I am a coach on my son's team sport, but all in all I am super excited. I'm really looking forward to the season and I can tell Conner is really excited about it as well.

We will be practicing at 6:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for 30 minutes to an hour. Likely, for as long as their attention span holds. I would love it if anyone would like to come down/up/over to watch a game. I'm sure Conner would really enjoy having someone else there cheering him on that he can show off for.

Here is the schedule for the season:
04/08/2006 (Sat) - 1:00 PM
04/15/2006 (Sat) - 9:00 AM
04/22/2006 (Sat) - 1:00 PM
04/29/2006 (Sat) - 10:00 AM
05/06/2006 (Sat) - 11:00 AM
05/13/2006 (Sat) - 10:00 AM
05/20/2006 (Sat) - 11:00 AM
05/27/2006 (Sat) - 11:00 AM

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Banged and Bruised

It was an interesting day around here. By bedtime, I was putting both boys in bed with noses that were still running a little blood here and there from time to time.

Yesterday afternoon, we heard Zach scream out and then heard him start crying. Anita was in the kitchen, and I at my desk in the den. Immediatley I heard Anita yell for me and so I leaped through the den and streaked for the living room. She was holding Zach's face as I came through and told me to get a washcloth. I went and grabbed two. Threw her a dry one, while I got a wet one ready. I then went to find paci, so that it could hopefully calm Zach down once we got some of the bleeding stopped.

Well, once we got Zach calmed down, we brought Conner back out of his room. Anita had sent him there, because she knew immediately from his reactions he had done something, but she didn't have time to figure out what it was yet. We asked him what happened and he said, "I accidentally threw a book and hit Zach in the face." Wow, yah, now there's a good accident for you. He hit him hard enough that he was bleeding from his mouth and nose at the same time.

When Conner came back out of his bedroom, he had a big handful of stuffed animals (his babies) for Zach. He said, "I brought them for Zach to make him feel better." So, we knew he felt bad and that he truly was sorry, but we still had to talk to him about what happened of course. We didn't feel like we could truly punish him at that point though, and watching him sit there and look at Zach while we described what happened to Zach and how bad it hurt Zach, was obviously punishment enough.

Later that night, Zach was back playing in Conner's room and Conner was out talking to me in the living room. I was trying to watch something really quick on tv and was sitting on the floor between our big chair and ottoman. Conner was on the other side of the ottoman and kept ducking behind hit and asking, "Can you see me?" I kept looking at the tv and pretending not to be paying attention and then I'd turn my head really fast and catch him looking over the top and say, "See ya!"

As Conner did this for a little while, he was getting too wound up and a little too wild with it. I'm not exactly sure how it happened. I'm guessing that instead of actually going up and down, he was sitting on his knees and leaning down really fast.
Well, he jerked down really fast and then I heard a *thunk* as his face hit the wood frame of the ottoman. He popped right back up holding his face in silence, and then about a half second later, there came the scream of pain. He didn't even hesitate though, he turned and bolted for the bathroom, and while holding his face with one hand, he opened the door with the other and jumped up on the stool to lean over the sink. The minute he did so and let go of his nose, blood just POURED out into the sink. It took probably 5-10 minutes with a very cold compress to get the bleeding stopped.

During the process of getting the bleeding to stop, Conner started getting really upset and he was still crying pretty good and he said, "I want blue doggy." which is typical. Then he said, "I'm tired." which is appropriate because he didn't really have much of a nap yesterday and it was about 7:30pm. Then, I was talking to him and said, "I tell you... this family. You boys have a had a rough day." and Conner said, "Uh huhhh. We're just a bloody family." ...HAHA.. oh me. I had to laugh at that one. He then said, "We have 2 boys bleeding and 2 people not bloody - you and mommy are not bloody."

So ends the night of fun. I walked around for the next 30 minutes wiping up bloody runny noses with a tissue .... on both boys! Zach's incident happened much earlier in the day too, but as his nose ran, there was still a little blood in it. I guess Conner whopped him pretty good. Well, sometimes paybacks don't always come by the hand of the wronged. Sometimes I guess, you just do them to yourself.

Monday, March 20, 2006


I wanted to take a moment to say a little piece about my weekend on the Walk to Emmaus, and the whole experience in general. Not that many people read this site, and I know most of them are family. Regardless of that, there are things I would still like to put to words...

I know personally, it was a positive life-changing weekend for me. It helped me return to many things in my life that I had turned away from and helped me strip away years of pain I had caused myself. It was a very rejuvenating and inspiring kind of event that allowed for much introspection and spiritual fulfillment. It isn't, nor would I ever claim it to be the "solution" for any one problem or host of problems for any person. However, I would claim that there is a high chance the Walk can change your life in a positive way. It's a pretty powerful thing to feel that much love over the course of 72 hours. It can change your perspective, give you insight, give you hope, give you freedom, give you fulfillment, give you redemption, give you cleansing, give you wholeness, give you faith. However, from my experience, it isn't "giving" you anything. It was already there. You just didn't choose to accept it. There is no magic pill in the form of a coordinated religious weekend outing. That just doesn't happen. What does happen though is opportunity. The Walk for me was an opportunity for me to break down barriers inside myself, and open myself up to His message. When I did that and totally surrendered for the first time in a very long time, I felt fulfilled. I felt a wholeness that I had been longing for. For so long now, I've had that sense of separation and though I was seeking, I wasn't fully surrendering and during the weekend, the opportunity was made so that I could once again do that. In doing so, I was able to rekindle my personal relationship with God. And that, is a good feeling.

Mommy's Back

It was a long weekend, but a fantastic one also. Anita was away at Walk to Emmaus this past weekend and that meant of course that I was alone with the boys all weekend. Well, I wasn't exactly alone. Mom and dad came down to visit and help out with the boys since it was going to be such a hectic weekend.

Anita left Thursday night. Amazingly, the boys slept through the night really well for me that night. Zach didn't wake up at all which amazed me and Conner woke up only twice - once to potty, once to ask me to tuck him back in. Which of course, I was thinking, "If you didn't get OUT of bed to come tell me to tuck you BACK into bed, then you'd already BE tucked in." So, the night went really well though thankfully.

Friday morning, I woke up about 6am and got up to go to the bathroom. It was a bright, beautiful morning and the sun was streaming in my windows into my room and lighting up the place. I was very awake and kept thinking, "I should just get in the shower now, and get the day started good and early." which I immediately replaced with, "It's THREE hours till I have to take Conner to preschool. If he and Zach decide to sleep till 7:30, I'll be really upset about missing that hour and a half of sleep." So, I went back to bed.

6:15 rolls around and Conner comes in after having gotten up to go potty, to show me he has a hangnail on his toe. I tell him I'm sorry about that, and we'll fix it later. In the meantime, go lie back down. He asks me to tuck him back in and I do so. About 15 minutes later he comes strolling back in my room. Well, I'm awake and I sort of lift my head to look down at him as he walks in. He isn't really paying attention to me yet. He just has his hands on his hips and is pacing back and forth at the end of my bed. Then, he stops right at the foot of my bed, looks straight at me and says, "It's TIME to get up!"

I reply with "Who says?"
Conner didn't know what that meant and says, "What?"
I come back with, "Why do you say it's time to get up?"
At this point, he throws his arms in the air and shouts, "BECAUSE THE SUN IS UP!"

I just start dying laughing and tell him to "get over here boy" and I drag him into bed and he cuddles up with me for about 15 minutes until I decided to get up and take my shower.

It was such a funny and beautful way to start a morning.

We had a great weekend. Mom and dad brought some new toilets down for us. We had them pick them up for us at a place in Owensboro, KY and we are planning on putting them in sometime in the next couple of weeks. The first one, of course, to be our hall bathroom because we are having issues with it.

The boys loved being around Mama-T and Papa-T all weekend. Dad picked up a potato gun at the gun show for Conner and we had a good time shooting it off of the deck and starting to teach him gun safety. Dad also brought down a children's gun safety handbook for Conner that we are going to go through with him. We'll see how mama feels about the potato gun later :). Really though, it is fairly harmless, but that of course makes no difference to us. We believe in gun safety in all forms so that there is no threat of danger when the stakes are much higher. I can shoot a potato plug maybe 30-40 feet with it... maybe... so, we're not talking something with a tremendous velocity here.

While dad was at the gun show on Saturday, mom and I and the boys ran around to do some stuff. We got back home right at lunch time and I decided instead of trying to cook something and make it take even longer till lunch, we'd just all run out to Arby's really quick, pick up a few sandwiches and bring them back to the house to eat. It was a good plan. All the way up to the part where we returned home and I realized I had locked us out of the house. oops. Left my house keys on the counter. So, we wound up having to drive over to Dave and Jenny's to pick up a key so we could get in to eat our no longer very warm lunch.

Anyway, I'm just rambling I realize and none of this stuff is all that funny. But hey, this is also a journal site for me. so there! :P

The boys were extremely excited to see Anita come home last night. I knew they would be of course. Conner made sure I knew he was ready for mommy to come home. Several times on Saturday he told me, "I want mommy to come back to my home." All's good now and she is back, and already off this morning in the rain to go with Jenny to Opry Mills. I'm hoping she has a wonderful day. She had a very uplifting weekend from the sound of it. The two of us talked last night till somewhere near 3am and I have to say that us going on the Walk has already been and will continue to be a fantastic thing for our marriage. Feeling the strength of God's love for you, does wonders for the amount of love you can share with your spouse. It's like getting a new set of glasses to look through that show you just how beautiful and wonderful everyone around you really is.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Conner's Maze

The day before yesterday, Anita was cleaning up our bedroom and decided to get rid of one of our more illustrious pieces of furniture - a stack of 4 yellow yaffa-blocks (I think that's what they are called). Anyway, they are those plastic crate looking things that snap together to make a cheap shelving unit that you always see college kids use in their rooms. Ours are leftover from that long ago. They were in Anita's room at college.

These blocks were stacked in the living room until we could figure out what to do with them and Conner started playing with them yesterday. After he had been playing with them for a little while he asked for some more. There is a stack of 4 of them in his room as well that are holding some toys. Anita really didn't want to empty them off and bring them in for him to play with, but she didn't want to cut off the creative drive either so she went and got them and brought them out for him to play with.

Well, after getting all of the blocks out, Conner builds this:

Anita and I were both totally blown away. Completely by himself he figured out how to lay these things out so that they would create a continuously flowing tunnel. He and Zach then played in them for the entire day. Later in the day, Conner covered the maze with pillows and blankets and started going searching for treasure. Under each of the lids at the end when you'd crawl through there was apparently buried treasure there. Under one there was an axe. Under the other there was a golden butterfly.

When Zach, the destroyer, came through later and started dismantling the whole thing, Anita and I convinced Conner that Zach was trying to find out if there was treasure under the tunnel. Conner helped Zach toss the blocks around and then he exclaimed, "THERE IS MORE TREASURE! THERE ARE AXES FOR EVERYBODY!"

We have NO idea where the axe thing came from.

I asked him if there were any +2 battle axes. Anita just rolled her eyes. hehe.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Solar System

Conner and Anita got home from preschool today and Conner came running back to tell me about the special "treat" he got today at preschool. He was able to sing/recite the whole Solar System Song for his teacher by himself.

The song kind of has the same rhythm as the infamous Adam and Eve and Cain and Able song from months ago. The cool thing is that it actually requires him to say the planets in order and he can do it.

The song is as follows:
Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
Pluto, the Sun and Moon and Stars
Make up the Solar System

We were very proud of him and thought it was quite cool that he can do it by himself. He's been singing it several times tonight. I have a short video of it that I will try and post later this week.

He's also been singing Hey Diddle Diddle lately too. He's got the whole thing memorized and sings it pretty well. It's quite cute.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Taking out the trash

Following breakfast this morning, Conner and I took out the trash since today was trash day. After we threw the trash bags in the trash can, I needed to break down some cardboard boxes beside the trash can so that they would fit in the can. While I was doing this, I was holding the lid to the trash can open with one hand while working with the box with the other. Conner came around and grabbed the lid and said, "I'll hold it for you." I thought this very helpful of him. Unfortunately he wasn't holding it right and couldn't keep it open very well because he couldn't support the weight. Because of this, I kept holding on to the lid and he made note that I was holding the lid still and said, "I can hold the lid." and I said, "I know you can, I'm just helping." to which he replied, "I can do it ALL myself with my two special hands!"

French Toast

Well, this morning I wasn't feeling very well and after waking up at 6am and then again at 6:30 am and not being able to breathe at all from my nose and then my throat was killing me. I got up and took some Zyrtec D (which I have no idea if it was helpful at all or not) and then decided to go and lie on the couch since I could prop myself up higher and hopefully reduce drainage into my throat which might relieve some of the pain there.

I fell back asleep pretty well and the next thing I know it's around 8:00 and Anita is coming out of the bedroom showered and dressed. Then Conner comes and finds me on the couch and crawls under the blanket with me to "get cuddlewee" with me. I soon get up and go to take a shower, then come in and see that Anita has decided to make French Toast for breakfast. Conner has already finished by the time I get there and Zach is ready for a second helping. I start eating my breakfast and Anita works on making Zach a second helping that he asked for.

So, when Zach's second helping of French Toast is ready, Anita brings it over to him and puts it on the tray of his high chair (note: he's not completely in the booster seat yet.. we're transitioning). I am busy eating and notice Zach take a bite of his French Toast. Then, as I glance away, I catch a glimpse of him picking up his plate. I turn just in time to see him tip the ENTIRE plate over the side of the high chair and dump ALL the french toast right into the floor... the clean floor that Anita scrubbed corner to corner on Sunday. And here is where I have my parental "getting too old for this" moment. I exclaim, "Ne.....Morphe.....ZACHARY TEAGUE!" as Anita BUSTS out laughing at the stove because she hasn't seen what has happened yet and just hears me running down the list, starting with the pets names. Then, she turns and looks to see the French Toast all over her clean floor and just groans. Little Z strikes again.

Monday, March 13, 2006

A New Place to Eat

We rearranged the kitchen table, because Zach has really been wanting to join us at the table and so we have upgraded him to the booster seat and put Conner into a chair all his own. It meant we had to push the table out in to the middle of the room and honestly, the table - though we love it - is too big. It takes up too much space and makes getting around in the kitchen annoying. It figures since we specifically enjoyed the fact that is was quite a bit larger than our last table that was there. We'll probably have to go back to a round table, but one that isn't glass like before. Either that, or find a narrower rectangle table that will make it easier to fit us all around it.

It works though. Both boys can sit in their own chairs which of course makes them both look so old and it just doesn't seem right.

They both eat pizza really well too.

Getting Hairy

This picture was taken last Friday (3/10), which was day.... (getting calendar) ... 26. It's pretty much a full fledged beard now. There's no mistaking the intention now. If I were actually going to wear a beard, it is already past the point where I would wear it. It could really stand a trim to make it look even and clean.

I guess next year if I want to do this, I'll know that I can start later to get the beard look so that I don't have an extra 3 weeks to wear it.

It's gotten to the point to where when I lie down on my pillow at night, it freaks me out. I'll hit the pillow and feel something poke me back and then I spend several minutes trying to find a position where I don't feel the beard grinding into me. *groan*

Zach Knievel

Zach is definitely our little dare devil. Conner has always been fearless, as are almost all young children, but Zach.... well, Zach is another story.

I walked into the living room yesterday to see Zach standing on the arm of our big "comfy" chair. Not just KIND of standing there, but standing right on the edge of the arm of the chair with his back to the open air like he is getting ready for a back-flip. He is just standing there perfectly balanced and standing as straight and tall as he can. So, of course, I immediately tell him to "Get down from there!" and what does he do? He leaps into the chair. Not gently... but just..leaps. Then, a few minutes later as my attention is diverted, I turn to see him standing in the chair. At least he's standing in the seat of the chair this time. Then, before I can tell him to sit down again, he LEAPS the 1 foot gap between the chair and the ottoman to land successfully on his feet on the ottoman and make a flourishing little hand movement like, "ta-da, I did it". So, NOW I tell him, "Zach, stop standing and jumping on the furniture... get down!" and he immediately turns and leaps back into the chair before I can get to him. This isn't a completely new phenomenen. Conner has been seen leaping from couch to ottoman, to chair, to ..whatever and has likewise gotten in trouble for it. However, Conner is FOUR. Zach is 19 months old. I mean... ONE AND A HALF FOR crying out loud! /sigh

This little guy is a mess.... a MESS I tell you.

Well, this afternoon after lunch, Anita has to strip him down because he had pizza sauce all over his shirt and pants. In the meantime, I wipe down Conner and then he runs off to go to the bathroom. I go back to eating my pizza (I got a late start because mine took longer to cook) and Anita starts cleaning Zach's place at the table. About 30 seconds later, I hear Conner yelling, "I need help" from the bathroom. This isn't uncommon. This is his standard call for when he's peed on his underwear, the toilet, the floor, can't get his pants up, needs help wiping, etc. etc. Since Anita is still cleaning up Zach's place, I get up and go to his aid. As I approach the bathroom I see Zach step out of the bathroom and then I peer in to see Conner standing there with his pants and underwear around his ankles and he's holding Zach's shoe up in the air by the tip of the shoelace and he says, "Zach threw his shoe in the toilet!" I immediately and instinctively grab the shoe because Conner is holding it out to me. It is as I grasp it that my mind comprehends what he just said and my brain goes, "bleccchhhhh" and I toss the shoe on the counter. I look over and Zach is just giggling! Seriously, a triumphant kind of giggle too. This boy is TROUBLE. I can smell it coming. He's a little stinker and I think he KNOWS it.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Poor Flowers

I just got home from Memphis today (Friday) about 3:00. I was only gone a few days (left Wed. morning), but of course it seems like forever when I'm away from Anita and the boys. Conner and Zach were both elated to see me, which is always great.

It was a beautiful 70 degree afternoon and Conner wanted to go out and play so he and I went out and played "Frisbee" in the yard with my Golf Discs. We ran around in the yard and threw a bunch of discs every which way. Conner is getting quite good at throwing them actually. He can launch one about 20 feet or so which I find impressive because he really focuses on trying to throw it the correct way instead of just "tossing" the disc in the air. I think he'll be a quick study on learning sports like his daddy probably.

After several rounds of Frisbee, Conner wanted to ride his bike, so we took it out on the driveway and I sat in the back of the van while he was riding around. He's getting very good at it and I'm hoping we can take the training wheels off soon so he can ride in the grass around the house. With them on, it is too difficult to try and ride in the grass because as he turns or leans, the training wheels catch and his tire loses traction in the grass.

So, anyway... getting to my funny story....
Conner is riding around in the driveway and takes a turn too fast and spills into Anita's flower bed. After getting up, he realizes he has crushed a daffodil and I can hear him say, "aaaaahhhhhh" (as in, "poor little flower"). He rights his bike, then he tries to get the flower to stand back up. He lifts it up and then it falls back over, then he tries again, and again.. before he finally gives up and looks up at me and says, "I think it's sleepy." I bust out chuckling and say, "No, I think you broke it." He replies with a definitive nod of the head, "No. It's just tired." Then he turns and hops back on the bike and goes back to riding.

oh well.... poor flowers.. poor tired flowers..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Time for Breakfast

This morning when it was time for breakfast, Anita called into Conner who was lying on the couch watching tv, "Conner, what do you want for breakfast?"

I was sitting in there beside him and he said, "I don't want anything, my belly's getting big." Of course, 5 minutes later he wanted some oatmeal.

It's not a really good update, I realize. I'll work on something else to post soon.

Monday, March 06, 2006

My Weekend

Well, I'm back. I was away for the weekend on the Walk to Emmaus. I had a really amazing weekend that provided me with something that I really needed at a time when I really needed it. The Lord found fit this weekend to show me things about myself that I really needed a chance to see. He also filled me with his love again (as if he ever stopped), but most importantly knocked down the walls inside of me that have been stopping me from feeling it.

There are a lot of emotions and thoughts clanging around inside of me right now, but as they start to settle down a little bit, and allow me to return to an equilibrium, I think I will find a more solid, more focused, more determined me underneath. Particularly so, this weekend gave me what feels like guidance, which is something I've desperately needed for awhile now because my life has felt so hectic.

Anyway, I don't want to ramble on and on about my weekend. It doesn't fit in real well with the "A Life with Laughter" theme I guess cause this post isn't very funny. I wanted to say though that I felt like I was shown this weekend how to better live "A Live with Christ".

Okay, all that being said, I did want to share something super special to me, if for no other reason than I can come back and read this blog years later and probably tear up like a little girl with a skinned knee (well, some little girls - Anita probably laughed and skinned the other one to make sure they matched).

This morning I awoke at 6:45. I felt pressure in my chest and it kind of pulled me from my sleep slowly. I opened my eyes and lifted my head just a little and when I did I was blessed. Conner had come in and was lying on top of me with his arms wrapped around my entire torso and was just looking up at me with those big giant brown eyes of his. He didn't say a word. He just lied there looking at me, radiating love. It was in that moment that I could see where God was talking. He was showing me His love through the love of my son. As I looked down I realized the all-consuming, overpowering, mind-altering, intoxicating love I feel for my son is not any different than the love God feels for me. And that folks, warms your heart.

okay, *turns crying off now*

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Beard Continues

Well, this is day 18 of the beard. I'm not sure it looks entirely different from the day 12 picture, but it does definitely feel different and up close you can tell it is longer.

Anyway, I thought I would post a picture of how it is coming. I was going to wait till tomorrow because that would be 1 week since the last update, but I'm leaving for the Walk to Emmaus tonight and won't be able to touch a computer all weekend - *gasp*.

When I get back, I'm going to be turning around and heading to memphis which means if I do any updates, they will be without pictures since all of my pictures are here. I might post something, but of course, since I won't be around the kids, it won't be all that interesting or funny I'm sure.

Well, I hope everyone has a good weekend while I'm away. See ya!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ordering Drinks

Last night when I made my post about our dinner I forgot to tell several funny things that actually happened during the dinner.

First, the waiter came around and was ordering drinks. He started with me, then Anita, then Conner, then Herbie and it went like this:
Me: Water, no lemon
Anita: Ahh, that's right, you don't have sweet tea do you?
Waiter: No mam, we have regular tea with the liquid sugar sweetener.
Anita: Okay, I'll just have a water
Conner: Water. Lemon. No ice.

Just like that. We all just turned our heads and looked at him and chuckled. Anita asked, "Are you sure you don't won't ice? To which Conner replied, "Nope. No ice."

Can't fault a guy for knowing what he wants.

Second, Conner is at one end of the table across from Herbie, Zach is to his left, Anita to the left of Zach. I'm on the other side of the table across from Anita. This means that both Anita and I are out of arms reach.

This restaurant has those little jars of shredded parmesean cheese on the table with a little serving fork in them. Before Anita and I could notice, Conner pulls it over in front of him, and takes a big fork full out of the container and eats it. Anita and I both notice JUST about the time he pulls the fork out of his mouth, and we both go, "CONNER! No!" and his immediate reaction is to shove the fork back in the container of course to cover up what he's doing. To which we both try to get out in time, "NO, don't put it BACK." It's too late. It's back in there. Anita grabs the container, takes the fork out and wipes it down really good. Then we sit there until the meal gets there and Anita is like, "I'm not sure what to do with it. Throw it out? Tell them to throw it out? Ask them for another fork? Or just put it back?" Well, Herbie decided he wanted some parmesean cheese with his meal, and he didn't care, so we just put it back after he got done. :)

Third, Conner decided to help himself to the pepper. Once again, before we could stop him. This time he covered, and I mean COVERED, his chicken strips with pepper. Which, of course, after the first bite, he didn't want to eat anymore. Zach didn't want to eat anything but bread, which in turn isn't unusual because that's all Conner wanted to eat either. The two of them, sat over there and downed about 3 rolls a piece while we all tried to eat peacefully.

Fourth and finally, Each time we'd get new rolls, they'd be pretty hot, so Conner was tearing off pieces of his rolls and setting them beside his plate each time he got a new one. Well, Zach figured out they were within reach so he kept snagging pieces of Conner's rolls after finishing (and sometimes before) his roll each time. Each time Conner would get frustrated and admonish Zach, "No Zach! These are mine. Eat yours!" and eventually he figured out to put them above his plate or on the other side. It was very funny watching little brother get the best of big brother though. Quite fitting.