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Sunday, May 04, 2008

So proud

Earlier today Zach had gone to the restroom to go "poopie". Anita and I were in the den at the other side of the house and I hear him yell, "Dadddy!"

In case he was having trouble, I got up and walked in there and as I came in the door I said, "What's the matter Z? Do you need help?"

To which he replied, "No. Look! My poop is humongous!"


Zach had a good one at lunch today. We were having salads with grilled chicken on them. Zach had eaten some ritz crackers with his salad via dipping them in the ranch dressing. Anita was eating some sweet potato with cinnamon chips and Zach asked for some. We were sitting there talking and hadn't really noticed what he was doing and then he says suddenly as he hands the rest of his cinnamon chips back to Anita,
"Ugh. Yuck. These chips with ranch, not so good. The other crackers with ranch, good."

Surprise party for my grandmother (Mom Bon)

(click for high resolution version (3.2mb, 2436x1948)

My parents, and aunts and uncles threw a surprise party for my grandmother's 80th birthday party. It was quite a big surprise and a great afternoon of time spent with family. We had the biggest family gathering we've had in a very long time and it was excellent fun.

Here is a slideshow of some pics I took over the weekend.

Click here to go view the photo album.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Soccer Fun

I don't have a lot to say. I am just posting a slideshow and link to my photo album for soccer pictures for this season.

Conner's team is destroying their opponents primarily. Today's matchup was the toughest one we've had so far and that's only because the other team had one crazy good player. Now, we still beat them like 10-4 or something. I don't even know the final score. Last week it was 11-1 and the week before 13-2. Like I said, they've been blowing out the other teams.

Conner scored 2 goals this morning in the first 3 minutes of the game I think. He was definitely the MVP of the first quarter. He was super hyped up for some reason and he was everywhere. I think he had another goal in the 3rd quarter as well.

As it stands though, our boys are doing great and are coaches are excellent. They really work with the boys and are very patient with them. They really do coach them and help them to learn.

Anyway, here is a slideshow with some pics:

If you want to visit the album directly, you can do so here:

Friday, May 02, 2008

New post, courtesy of Jennifer

Quoted from my sister, Jennifer via email, because there's nothing I could add to do this one justice. LOL.

Wyatt broke Ashley in "real nice" last night. She came over and was helping me give him a bath. We had finished the bath part and were just having play time (and picture time) when he passed a little gas. Then I saw a little tiny piece of poop (accompanied by a suspicious cloud in the water). No biggie, I thought. I stood him up on the edge of the tub and was going to dry him off then throw a diaper on so he could finish. Not so, he thought. Right about then all hell broke loose. There was diarrhea everywhere. And I mean everywhere. On the floor, in the water, on his baby tub, on my shoe (eww!) She ran and grabbed the wipes then she held him up on the tub while I attempted to wipe him off. But he wasn't done. It went on for about 10 minutes. Then, just for good measure, he decided to do a poopy dance - on his poopy. So not only was it running down his legs, it was mashed between his toes. What a sight. Words can't even describe it. It looked like a poop bomb went off. It was poop-a-pa-looza 2008. Glad that was in Jesse's bathroom!