READ ME: Information about this specific forum.

This forum is for sharing the photographs I take of Conner, Zach, Anita, me and other family members, or any other things I take pictures of, I suppose.

READ ME: Information about this specific forum.

Postby brad on Fri Oct 20, 2000 5:01 pm

I have created this forum to be a place for me to post my photos. Each new thread will be a "gallery" of sorts. I am the only one allowed to post new threads, but everyone that is a registered user is more than welcome to reply and make comments to the threads. I encourage it as a matter of a fact. It gives me the motivation to take the time to post more pictures, which makes the grandparents and the wife happy :D

Please come often, look at the pictures, and look for updates.

edit 10/20/2004 : I am going back through and renaming each topic to have a date in the title. The date isn't necessarily the date I posted the pictures, though it might be. It isn't necessarily the exact date the pictures were taken either, though it might be. It is more of a guide as to when those pictures are from though. It will more likely be closer to when the pictures were actually taken, if possible. However, for compilation posts, it might just be the post date. I wanted some way of expressing choronolgy in the posts and this seemed the easiest way to do so.

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