2004-09-05 - Good group/family photos (5 pics)

This forum is for sharing the photographs I take of Conner, Zach, Anita, me and other family members, or any other things I take pictures of, I suppose.

2004-09-05 - Good group/family photos (5 pics)

Postby brad on Sat Aug 07, 2004 11:22 am

I'm going to use this thread to store some really good group family pictures as I get them.

This is the picture taken at the picnic we had at Taylorsville Lake State Park, outside Louisville on the Sunday before Labor Day 2004.
Taken 9/5/2004

This picture is one of the best, fairly recent photographs of the family. It was taken on Jennifer's birthday this year. I'm still super bummed that Ashley wasn't home for this picture, or it would have been one of the best and complete pictures of all of us we have. Of course, now ....there is one more (he was in the belly in this picture).
Taken 3/3/2004

This picture was taken on the day of Robbie's Graduation. This is one of my favorite pictures of the four of them together, and really.. the ONLY good, recent picture we have.
Taken 5/20/2004

This picture is junky quality, because I ripped it off of Sears' online display of our pictures we had done there. This is the picture we used as our 2003 Christmas photo.
Taken December 2003

This was Thanksgiving 2003, here at our house. We are all starving and ready to dig into the GIGANTIC meal Anita prepared. Of course, daddy (me) isn't in the picture, he's behind the camera.
Taken 11/22/2003

This was our christmas picture 2002. I believe this one was also done at Sears.
Taken December, 2002
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