2005-03-29 - Anita's New Minivan (3 pics)

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2005-03-29 - Anita's New Minivan (3 pics)

Postby brad on Tue Mar 29, 2005 1:11 pm

So, we broke down and purchased a minivan for Anita this past weekend. It doesn't have everything she wants, but she finally decided that we weren't goin to be able to afford one that had all the things we want. Well, we took off on a whim Saturday morning over to the Rivergate area to check out a sale the Rivergate Toyata had been advertising and managed to stumble across a 2001 Chrysler Town & Country LXi on their used car lot that was in very nice shape and we were able to get it for a very good price.

The vehicle is in very good shape. Has almost no exterior marks at all. There is a slight discoloration on part of one of the silver runners down the middle of the vehicle on the passenger door from where some water got inside the plastic stripping and degraded the color on the silver painted strip. Aside from that, there is no visible defect on the vehicle. It is a very pretty blue that I'm not sure you can tell very well from these photos or not. The interior is navy blue leather and is in very good shape. The second row has bucket seats, that are of course filled with car seats. The 3rd row seats are split and fold down independently and can also flip forward to get out of the way.

The front seats can be heated and the heating and air is a tri-controlled auto set system where you can set the temperature of the driver, passenger, and back cabin seperately which is nice. It has a tape player and 4 disc changer in it.

The doors are automatic with remote opening on the key fob - However, the rear hatch will only unlock but not go up by itself and one of the two side doors will unlock, but not open by itself - though it will close by itself. *shrug*. These were negotiating points for us, and things we are willing to live with. The upside is that unlike some other brand vans with auto doors -the Sienna namely - if the automatic opening feature goes out, the doors can get stuck open. In this vehicle they don't. You can always manually open and close the doors at least. Oh, and it has the 3.8 L V6 which is nice. At least it has some get up and go under it.

So, there you go.. Anita's new ride. She's excited about it even though she said she'd never be a "mini-van mom" =).

Here's some pics for everyone to see it:



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