READ ME: Information about this specific forum.

This forum is for posting your own family photos, pictures from holiday gatherings, new babies, the kids, the adults, you name it. Please come in and share.

READ ME: Information about this specific forum.

Postby brad on Thu Aug 05, 2004 12:24 pm

I created this forum to be a place where all our friends and family can post their own pictures. There are 2 ways to do this.

Method 1 - image tags - pictures stored remotely - preferred method
If you would like to just show pictures that you have stored on another server somewhere, you will need to use the BBCode img tags to put the pictures in your posts. To learn how to do this, check out the BBCode instructions (you can get this by clicking on the little link in the "Options" section next to any post you are making).

The reason I say this method is preferred is because it takes much less space on my web server. I'm not physically hosting your files and therefore don't have to worry about running out of physical hard drive space as quickly (note: I only get 300mb of HD space, as of this writing)

Method 2 - Attach a photo(s) to a post
I have made it possible for everyone that is a "Confirmed User" to be able to post pictures in this forum via an attachment to their post. This feature is quite handy, and I encourage you to use it if you can not use the above method.

The drawbacks to this method are a) you can't make your posts look as clean and nice as you can using the img tag method and b) each picture you upload takes a little bit more of my hard drive space available to me on the web server. Which, only means that I will have to have the system delete old attachments as they reach the thresholds of the capacity given to me. Don't worry. Feel free to post your attachments, they won't "break" the forum, or anything. It only means that at some point, when we are near the "full" line for attachments, old attachments will be deleted to make way for the new ones.

Please note: If the only way you have to share your photos with us is through uploading them via an attachment, PLEASE do so. That is the whole reason I have put this forum here. My request is that you shrink large images, and reduce the image quality for web viewing in order to reduce the filesize, when possible. This will help us to preserve more disk space so we can put even more attachments out there :)

Please reply to posts that people take the time to put out. If you enjoy looking at the pictures, let them know. It is encouraging and rewarding to hear at least something from others. If nothing other than to say that you were there, saw the pictures, and you enjoyed them. That can be all it takes to make someone feel like it was worth the time to put the pictures out there in the first place.

I really look forward to everyone posting pictures and using this forum as a medium for us all to share memories and moments of our families with one another.

If you have questions, or problems with posting, feel free to email me, or PM (private message) me through the site here.

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