Can I get a email address

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Can I get a email address

Postby brad on Thu Aug 05, 2004 4:33 pm

Yes, most likely. If I approve it.

I actually own two domains that are hosted on this server and you may have an email address from either of them.

The two domains available are :

ie, your email would be "" or ""

There is not an automated process to setup email addresses. If you would like to have one, just email or private message (through the site here) me with what email address you would like and I will setup it up for you and get back to you.

An email alias
Would you like a cool "address" from or, but you don't want to change emails? Well, I can also setup an alias for you on one of my domains, but have your email forwarded directly to an existing email address. For example: you could get an email "" and I could forward that to an existing email address you might already have like "".

Same as above, just email or private message me if you desire one of these.

But, is it good email?
It is top-notch email, I tell ya! Well, you can be the judge, but you will have both pop3 access and web mail access. The web mail interface is a really nice package provided by my hosting company that I am really pleased with. It allows attachments, html mail, content filtering, vacation away messages, and a number of other neat features.

Does it cost me anything
Who? You? or me?

Well, I pay to have my site hosted and it is part of that fee. I get 250 email accounts provided to me, and unless I suddenly have huge interest in this area, I don't think it will ever be an issue.
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